On this website, you will explore the many adventures that await travelers coming to our historic Gold Country.
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Wine is California’s number one finished agricultural product in retail value, and its production ranks fourth in the world. Our rural airports play important roles in the success of our wine industry.
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Destination Jamestown
Travelers to be Vigilant
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Yosemite National Park
Travelers are Advised to be Vigilant
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Jamestown, California USA
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Willow Restaurant Jamestown, California
Before California was a state, in the days of volcanoes and uplifting mountains many millions of years ago, a sinuous river of lava flowed westward towards the lowlands. The mountains became the Sierra Nevada and the river of lava became known as Table Mountain. After the softer soil washed away, deposits of gold and other minerals appeared on the surface.

Jamestown now has a Railroad Walk of Fame with plaques imbedded into a walkway from the railroad station into town.
Travelers are being advised to be more vigilant against terrorist attack especially during the holidays.

Here is what we need to do in the Sierra gold county to be more vigilant. Intelligence experts believe that this is the best time for terrorist to attack. They are saying that mass public transport systems and holiday resorts are both prime targets. Both are easy to attack and difficult to defend and both could lead to mass casualties and major disruption.
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Vacasa is partnering with Yosemite Gold Vacations, a vacation rental agency located in Tuolumne County. Vacasa will assume management of the company’s 29 rental properties in the private Pine Mountain Lake community near Groveland and only 35 miles from Yosemite National Park.

The company backs a team of local staff with advanced marketing technology to drive bookings for its many homes. Vacasa expects to boost year-round occupancy for the homes, during the busy summer months. .
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Gold Country Community Airports
Our gold county community airports play an important role in the communities that they serve.
From fire freighting, medical evacuation, private pilot travel, charter services, local freight delivery and much more.
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 Vacation season is here and we have a few traveling tips to help you reach your destination safely.

Working in a gas station after leaving the Army motor pool, I was one of those people that actually pumped your gas, checked your oil and tire pressure.

Today, we pump our own gas and wait until the red oil light shows up on our dash before we think about engine oil.

Before heading out on any trip, make sure that your car has the battery water level correct, the right oil level.
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